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Christmas is just around the corner! Don’t miss your chance to get some of your shopping list crossed off, and all for a great cause.

Raffle tickets are: 1 for $5, 3 for $10, 10 for $20, 30 for $50 and 75 for $100

Tickets sales end 11/29/20 at 6PM. Raffle will be held live on our Facebook page 11/29/20 at 8PM. You do not have to watch to win.



Today we are asking for your prayers and support 🙏🏼.  Our sweet Sienna now has another battle to face called Parvo 😢.

13 days ago Sienna underwent major surgery after being run over by a car 🙁.  The acetabular curved plates that were put into her hips are doing well.  The very deep, large wounds on her sides are still open, and we have been watching them like a hawk to keep them from getting infected.  However, no one saw Parvo coming.  The estimated cost for

Parvo treatment will be an additional $1,000.  This doesn’t include the $6,225 we have already spent on her surgery.  

Today Sienna is fighting for her life once again 😔.  As many of us know, Parvo is something no one wants to hear their dog has.  We haven’t finished paying off her first hospital bill and now we are at it again trying to save this 7-month-old puppy to give her the life she deserves.

Sienna is a fighter and it will be through your prayers, good thoughts, and support that will keep this girl going.  We are looking forward to the day we can all celebrate her adoption ❤️.

If you wish to donate towards Sienna’s parvo treatment, please do so below. Thank you 🐾!

Doberman Underground

We are a 501 (c)3 organization and fully depend on public donations and our adoption fees for support.
Doberman Underground
Doberman Underground
Happy Thanksgiving...from all of us to all of you!
Doberman Underground
Doberman Underground
Dear Santa Paws,

Santa there is this doggy gift basket and bed that I really really want for Christmas and you can find it at Doberman Underground's Christmas raffle so would you please buy some tickets so I can have it under the Christmas tree and Santa it would be great if you would buy tickets for the Doberman purse too for my mommy.

My mommy says I have been on the naughty list most of the year but I'm telling you most of the things have not been my fault and I've really been a good girl.

I saved Mommy from the deer that was on our walk and I'm sorry If she fell down when I went to go chase it away from her but I did come back and licked her face to make her feel better.

Mommy also got really mad when I tore the corner of the couch but I was just trying to help her rearrange the living room like a good helper. Between you and me Santa she doesn't really have good interior decorating skills.

Santa as you can see I've been a really good girl and I've worked really hard to take care of my mommy so please go and buy tickets for the Doberman Underground raffle.

You can find the raffle at but don't wait to long because it ends this Sunday, November 29th.

Naughty Nellie



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