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Doberman Underground 2023 calendar is now available. Each month, dog lovers are treated to many endearing photographs paired with the season that perfectly captures the personality of these amazing companions. Click here to order.

Doberman Underground

We are a 501 (c)3 organization and fully depend on public donations and our adoption fees for support.
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundSunday, March 26th, 2023 at 6:00am
Today's "Where Are They Now?" update features our beautiful Heidi! Her mom notified us of the following:

"We had Heidi's DNA tested to see where her personality comes from. So fun!! The results indicated that she is:
- 50% Doberman
- 25% Pit Bull
- 15% Boxer (no surprise), and
- 10% American Staffordshire
She is such a great part of our family and it so fun to see her background! It tells us where her affection and energy comes from. Gosh our life wouldn't be the same without her!"

We think she is 100% lovable and beautiful, and we are so grateful to her family for giving her the most amazing life! These pictures say it all!
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundSaturday, March 25th, 2023 at 2:00pm

Bingo with a twist of tacos 🌮 and tequila 🍹! This year we have even more prizes and games, including designer purses from Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Coach PLUS Blanton Bourbon! And there is no shortage of awesome raffle baskets! 🧺

$40 Admission includes a catered lunch, Bingo play set, dabber and OPEN BAR, including bottomless frozen margaritas .

Sunday, April 23, 2023
35000 Portz Parkway
Solon, Ohio 44139

Last year's event SOLD OUT. Get your tickets now! ADVANCE PURCHASE ONLY. No tickets sold at the door. Don't miss out!

Order your tickets now!
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundSaturday, March 25th, 2023 at 7:00am
It's #ShowtimeSaturday 🎬 and Doberman Underground's very own 3 year old Machi will be the special guest on WKYC-TV 3 in Cleveland! The show starts at 8am so get snuggled in front of your so you don't miss seeing this special girl in her first live appearance! You won't be disappointed!

Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundFriday, March 24th, 2023 at 7:00am
It is #FosterFateFriday for one of our amazing foster dogs who won the hearts of the whole foster family ❤️. Almost immediately they decided he would never be leaving.

Beau came in with a terrible case of Demodex Mange 😢 and needed some place to rest and heal. It was almost instant, the equal love that Beau had with the family and especially the female Dobe in the house. This 10 month old Doberman found that friend and family that loves all his antics and goofiness that he has 🥰.

Now with a new name, Gianni, and his fur growing back, this boy is not only stunning but he is ready for all the adventures that his new family has in store for him.

Welcome home Gianni and let the adventures begin 🏡!
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundThursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 7:01am
It is #PuppyPalooza here at Doberman Underground 😍 and it just happens to fall on #NationalPuppyDay! We still have a couple Dober-Nees and Doberman Puppies up for adoption.

- Elvis Pawsley: Male Doberman/Great Pyrenees Mix, weight 25 lbs. at 12 weeks old.
- Whitney Howlston: Female Doberman/Great Pyrenees Mix, weight 21 lbs. at 12 weeks old.
- Lionel Pawchie: Male Doberman Black & Tan, weight 17lbs. at 12 weeks old.
- Guinness: Male Doberman Red, weight 12lbs. at 12 weeks old.

These puppies did not come from the same litters, but they are all up for adoption 🥰.

Before you apply:
1) Prior Doberman or Large Breed experience required.

2) These are puppies and you must have time available to give them. They cannot be left at home for 8 hours at a time.
*If you have a lot of travel plans, then a puppy is not for you.
*If you work 8-10 hours a day, then a puppy is not for you unless you work from home.
*If your kids are in a lot of activities that you are running in and out of the house, then a puppy is not for you.

3) Fenced yard required. Why? Puppies need room to run and are not trained, will not listen all the time, and are easily distracted. Also they are tiny enough that predators are a real concern at this age when letting them out to potty at night.

4) Another dog in the home preferred 🐶. Why? Other dogs make it easier for puppies to learn about good dog social skills, how to play with other animals, easier to potty train and often have less anxiety issues.

5) Spay and Neuter required at six months of age.

6) Training is a MUST
* It does not matter if you have owned Dobes for 40 years, you will still be required to do obedience training with a working breed trainer by six months of age.

Puppies are a lot of responsibility and these puppies are entering the Baby Shark 🦈 period. Next will be the terrible adolescent age and you will have a very active, young Doberman in a full grown body by 10 Months.

Please apply responsibly. We want to show the public what a wonderful well-rounded, well-mannered breed the Doberman is by raising them well from the beginning. Go to www.dudobes.org to apply.
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundWednesday, March 22nd, 2023 at 5:39pm
It is still #WelcomeWednesday with our last Sheltie, Poppy 😍.

Poppy is roughly 3 to 5 months old. She has been skittish, but is learning about love from people and has learned to trust ❤️. Poppy weighs 7 lbs. but she may get to 12 lbs. when full grown.

Poppy is being seen by the Vet because it appears that her top baby teeth have not come out and may be stopping her adult teeth from coming in. The Vet's are determining if they will need to pull the baby teeth depending where she is in her development.

Poppy will be available for adoption soon, so if you are interested apply at www.dudobes.org.