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Warning ⚠️!  This video is difficult to look at, but this is the reality of what these animals have been living in 😢.

Doberman Underground was contacted when a female Doberman, along with her puppies, were found in this hoarding situation.  We were asked if we could take them into our rescue, and with no hesitation, said yes.

As we have often said about our rescue, we leave no dog behind.  This “motto” lead to our next question of asking how we could help with the other dogs.  We have committed to getting of 9 of these dogs and will keep everyone posted as they arrive. 

In our care today is Nikky, the Mama Doberman.  She has an open wound on her leg and do not know how severe it is.  We also have the little puppy with the damaged eye, Phoenix.  She was given this name because she will rise from the ashes of the deplorable life she was born into and will be reborn into a beautiful Noberman (Doberman mix)!  One day she will have a forever home that will give her the life she deserves.

If you are able to donate towards the long term care that will be required with taking on all of these dogs, we will be forever grateful.  There are so many unknown medical conditions that are surely to arise from the deplorable conditions these dogs have lived in.  Click here to donate, or if you prefer to mail in your donation, our address is:

Doberman Underground

114 Barrington Town Square Dr.

Suite 345

Aurora, OH 44202    


Doberman Underground

We are a 501 (c)3 organization and fully depend on public donations and our adoption fees for support.
Doberman Underground
Doberman Underground
Our Medical Monday post features our gorgeous Midas, who unfortunately is currently enduring heartworm treatment. Numerous dogs that come into rescue are heartworm positive, so we just want to share a few facts about heartworm:

> It is easily preventable.
> Any dog can get it from mosquitoes in the area, regardless if your dog is inside most of the time (we all know those pesky little bugs can get inside your home).
> It only takes ONE bite from a mosquito to infect a dog.
> It takes six-seven months for the larvae injected by the mosquito to develop into heartworms.
> The treatment is painful for the dog.
> The dog's activity is extremely restricted for months during.

For these reasons, we want to stress the importance of using heartworm prevention. It is an inexpensive way to eliminate your dog from having to suffer unnecessarily. We advise you to talk to your vet about the best option for your pup. As an additional reminder, heartworm tests completed by veterinarians are used to ensure your dog is not infected, these are not to be perceived as the prevention the dog needs. If your dog tests positive, then they must go through the treatment, which could have been prevented.

As you know, we will not turn a dog away based on medical needs. If you are able donate to Midas' care, please click on the donate link below or through our website at

Thank you!
Doberman Underground
Doberman Underground
Today is #SpoiledSunday 🥰 and we have a fun game for everyone to play 😃!

Take our our Spoiled Dog Test 🐶. Each item is worth 1 point. Add up your points and post them below, along with a picture 📸.



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