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We are a 501 (c)3 organization and fully depend on public donations and our adoption fees for support.
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundThursday, May 19th, 2022 at 10:49am
It is #SweetBeginnings for our sweet foster girl Limerick ♥️.

Limerick was a stray that clearly had many liters of puppies 😔. She was no longer of any use to her original owners, and that was why no one showed up to claim her.

Luckily Limerick never has to worry again about being a puppy producer, and instead can enjoy being the joy to her adopter 🥰.

Limerick, now named Libby, has stolen her dad's heart and has become his number one girl (don't tell his wife 😉).

Welcome home Libby 🏡. You deserve to be someone's number one.
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundWednesday, May 18th, 2022 at 10:00pm
Seniors Owning Seniors (SOS)
Doberman Underground Rescue, Aurora, OH (serving MI, OH, PA, WV, KY and parts of IN)

The is a program designed to match experienced dobe owners over the age of 70 yrs, with a doberman aged 7 yrs or older.

Why? Senior dogs need good homes and senior citizens need companionship, without financial worry.

Seniors who choose this program can adopt at a reduced cost, $100. You get a fully vetted dog, backed by Doberman Rescue for life. DU will pay for annual vet visit, which can include distemper vaccine, rabies, Bordatella vaccine, blood work (including thyroid test), heartworm test, and heartworm medication for the year!

Should your dog require emergency care, take them for care, submit the bill, DU will pay, within reason, depending on current funds. If your dog needs surgery, call DU, we will cover it. Does the dog require chronic medication? DU will pay for it.

Adopters are responsible for providing a loving home, transportation to vet at least yearly, and dog food. 🐾🐾

Should anything happen to the adopter, Doberman Underground will take the dog back, and rehome.

Just go to Doberman Underground Rescue, and fill out an application to adopt. Note on application "SOS"
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundTuesday, May 17th, 2022 at 10:36am
It is #SweetBeginnings for another one of our Great Dane puppies who has found her forever family ♥️.

Felicity found a family that just lost their Great Dane and after seeing their son with the Dane puppy, Fern (yes ours), they knew they needed another one in their life and they adopted Felicity.

Now Fern and Felicity will get to grow up as cousins, who will see each other frequently. With Felicity's new life, comes a new name of Harley.

Welcome home Harley 🏡!
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundMonday, May 16th, 2022 at 11:00am
It is #SweetBeginnings for one of our Great Dane puppies, that found her forever home ♥️.

Fern was the smallest of the puppies we took in, weighing only 10 lbs at 5 months old 😢. We are not even sure how she survived. Now at 50 lbs she has found her forever family, who has previous experience with Danes.

As you can see from the photos, Fern has Cherry Eyes in both eyes. With her young age, we have her going to an eye specialist that will be doing surgery on May 25th. The cost of her surgery is estimated at $2,500.

Fern's adopters, and the previous Noberman that this couple adopted from us, all love being one big happy family 🥰.

If you would like to help with Fern's surgery please go to to make a donation or donate below. Thank you 🐾.
Doberman Underground
Doberman Underground was live.Sunday, May 15th, 2022 at 4:34pm
Doberman Underground
Doberman Underground
Doberman UndergroundSunday, May 15th, 2022 at 3:01pm

Team Holly, will you please continue to help us with funds so Holly can walk again?

Holly is a Rottweiler Mix that was found on the side of the road. She was sitting there with one leg missing from the knee down, and the other foot dangling by the bone (not even attached) 😢. Holly was also Heartworm positive, and now that her Heartworm treatments are over, her surgeries are starting.

After many discussions with the Veterinarians, it was determined that Holly's knees are not good, and the only option is going to be to remove both legs completely, and build a cart for Holly.

The first rear leg has been removed, and it will take Holly 30 days to recover. Then, the other rear leg will be removed. Once her swelling has gone down, she will be fitted for a cart.

Holly's surgery per leg cost $1,600 and then the cart that she will be fitted for is $1,600. So between Heartworm treatments, surgeries and the cart, we will have $7,500 in medical bills before Holly goes to her permanent home. This fund raiser is to cover her amputations.

If we did not believe this young two year old dog would have a good quality of life and a long productive life, the humane officers that found her and us, would have euthanized her. However, Holly has shown everyone that meets her, as she runs towards you on her front two legs, that she wants to live! So we are here to fight for Holly.

Please go to or donate to her personal Go Fund Me. Thank you 🐾.



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